J. Paul Reed Presents: Is your DevOps instrument rated?

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Date(s) - 2012-10-04
7:00 pm - 7:45 pm

61 Wall Street Atrium


We’re pleased to announce a short public talk and Q&A session by an old friend of the New York FLOSS community, Thursday, October 4, 2012 at 7 PM.  Following this talk, Paul will be at the Killarney Rose for a meetup.

Is your DevOps instrument rated?

As a hands on, operationally-focused release engineer, J. Paul Reed has been DevOps-in’ for over a decade, long before anyone called it that.

Having joined Netscape’s build team just weeks after the Mozilla Project was born, he fell in love with the role, work, and responsibilities early in his career. A veteran of VMware, Symantec, and Mozilla Corporation, among others, he’s worked with myriad tools and technologies, in many organizational cultures, but always with the focus shipping bits as

efficiently and reliably as possible. As a pilot, he tries to find wisdom in other “operational” industries and leverage it in DevOps.

Founder of the consultancy Release Engineering Approaches, he is privileged to work with many companies in one of the great tech-tropolises, San Francisco. He is the host of “The Ship Show,” a twice-monthly podcast discussing DevOps and build/release engineering topics and writes over at soberbuildengineer.com.

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