Welcome talk subscribers

There once was a mailing list for technical discussion and events that had been up almost continuously since about 1999.  The operation of this list was the highest priority of its maintainers, and it remained available to keep its community informed even through terrorist attacks and natural disasters.  And then the list infrastructure succumbed to neglect, leaving its community without a place to talk.

Through luck and effort, this community has been reconstituted. Go here, to subscribe to talk.

Thanks to everyone who came out for the J. Paul Reed discussion October 4

Thanks to everyone who came out last night for J. Paul Reed’s exploration of making your DevOps “Instrument Rated” at the Wall St. Atrium. Aside from the content of the event itself, this was in many ways a big experiment in the use of public space, a sort of flash mob crossed with tech talk, and I’m pleased to see that it can work. Everyone who came out seemed to be happy to have done so.

Since it worked out pretty well, we’ll try this again sometime soon.